Pricing for 2014

$799 per person
Or $699 each for groups of 5 or more

Registration Includes

  1. All-access pass to keynotes and track sessions
  2. Dinner and open bar at the evening event

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12 Reasons to Register:

At risk of breaking one of the cardinal rules of messaging and blowing you over with information overload,
here are 12 of the best reasons why you attend this event!

#1 - Keynote speakers you’ll actually learn something from, starting with Dan Ariely, author of “Predictably Irrational” and expert on how and why people make decisions the way they do.

#2 - Track sessions led by leaders who are doing it, not selling it. Oracle. Wells Fargo. ADP. OpenText. CUNA Mutual. Piksel. Test America. Jabil Circuit. These are just a few of the industry-leading brands who will be giving you actionable advice on how to transform your selling conversations.

#3 - Expand your network to 600 brilliant peers. Take it from last year’s attendees: “Awesome networking!” “You did collect some of the top B2B minds! Wow! Incredibly rich discussions with peers!”

#4 - Deep-dive track sessions that give you practical, hands-on concepts. Interested in enabling differentiated conversations? There’s a track for that. Want to create insight-driven, best-practice marketing and sales enablement content? There’s a track for that. Want to retake control of negotiation conversations and prevent unnecessary discounting? Or equip your reps to go toe-to-toe with CXO-level buyers? There’s a…(okay, we’ll stop).

#5 - A brand new, third-party study on the best visual storytelling tools. Dr. Zakary Tarmala of Stanford Business School will be sharing original research on why visual storytelling trumps traditional PowerPoint and “zen” presentations in terms of the impact, retention and perceived credibility of your message.

#6 - The best parties at an industry conference EVER. While a legendary evening event shouldn’t be your primary reason to attend this conference, it could be. Navy Pier, dueling pianos, dancing, an open bar and a beautiful view…get ready to rollick.

#7 - A vendor-free zone. Hate being forced through the vendor gauntlet to get to your lunch? You’re our kind of conference attendee. We happily lose money on this event just to save you the hassle and keep the conference focused on your learning.

#8 - It’s the only conference dedicated to your last bastion of differentiation. Because with all else being equal, the words that come out of your sales reps’ mouths when they’re talking to your customers will make or break the success of your business.

#9 - Hear from the world’s top experts in B2B customer conversations. Hear from experts and consultants who work with literally hundreds of global brands every year across all industries to transform the way they approach their marketing, sales enablement, and training initiatives.

#10 - The presentations are fun and engaging, not dull and boring. You won’t find a more entertaining, engaging and genuinely insightful event. To quote an attendee: “I felt like I was at one of my favorite concerts, hoping for it not to end.”

#11 - You won’t get lost in the crowd. Between the small-group track sessions and intimate networking opportunities, you’ll be sure to meet and have worthwhile conversations with professionals striving toward your same business objectives.

#12 - Because your experience is worth well over $1,000, and we’ll only charge you $799. Because we believe in you, we’ll pick up a portion of the tab. You’re left with a small investment to make for a conference that attendees say has changed their approach to their jobs, their careers and their lives.

Still not convinced? Drop us a line at, and we’ll persuade you personally!